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TNPSC Group 4 website also uses cookies, pixels, local storage materials, and devices such as memory cards, pen drives, etc. to differentiate users from each other. These cookies will be used to provide you with a good experience, upgrade our website service, and give you custom advertisements and content. These cookies help.

This Cookie Policy describes the types of cookies we use and our objectives regarding them. If you have any questions about this Cookie Policy, please contact us via email at the address provided. We may update this Cookie Policy from time to time, so please check back periodically for any changes.

You can reject cookies any time:

If you don't want to accept cookies in connection with our websites, you can delete or turn off cookies in your browser. This is a browser depending on switching, and disabling cookies will affect how websites work and further opportunities for you to access some features.

What is cookies:

Cookies are used by our website when you are in the browser or on the hard drive of your computer. We will save small letters and numbers, which is a compilation. If you didn't accept the terms of your browser system, our website will refuse to provide cookies when you visit our systems in the browser.

Important opinions on first and third-party cookie systems vary depending on which domain the cookie is set up from. First-party cookies are what our website will use when you visit the website.

Third-party cookies are set up by another company when you visit a website. Besides the cookies set up by the website itself, these cookies are installed on your computer. If a website uses enough of these third-party cookies, it is considered a third-party cookie.

Stable cookies:

Stable cookies are mentioned for the duration accepted as these cookies on the device will be set up when a website is used or visited. Every method of implementing a cookie will be used.

Session cookies:

Session cookies are the browser of the session when the user takes action on the website. They allow the website operator to connect with the user. When the browser session begins, a window will open and when the browser session ends, the window will close. Session cookies are mostly temporary cookies, therefore they are created and used for psychology. Once closed, all session strings will be removed.

We currently use most internet browsers to somewhat control cookies, although all cookies can be prevented if you use your browser settings. Let's go further, some website features may not work if you do not use cookie settings. Generally, you will use the internet browser options found in the menu. This setting will help you to fully understand the following links. It may be very helpful for you to get the correct help if additional details are required. In case, you require help selecting the website psychology help option, you can get it.

We are using cookies on our website. Generally, other websites use cookies from users to differentiate and show us which cookies they use to provide the best experience. This helps us to upgrade our website and make it more usable. Cookies can be classified as follows.

Required cookies,
performance related to cookies,
functions related to cookies,
target keeping related to cookies can all be done, and more than that can be done.

Websites around Goto use necessary cookies to allow some kind of essential features on the website in safe areas. We cannot provide the requested services fully without this kind of definitely necessary cookies.

Performance cookies are used on our websites to help understand how you use them, for example which pages you are viewing and any errors that occur. It helps to collect information to help improve the websites. Knowing how the websites are functioning also helps us to upgrade them for our users' benefit. We also use cookies to measure the effectiveness of our advertising and provide you with the ability to save your favorites.

Functional cookies are used to provide services, remember your browsing settings, and improve your arrival to websites and online applications.

Target cookies are used to monitor your visits to websites and online applications, including all links you have continued after visiting.