Company Privacy Policy:

A privacy policy is a legal process by which a company collects the personal information of customers or consumers receiving its services and periodically informs the company about its business activities and services, collects, uses, and protects the information.

Based on that our company has established TNPSC Group 4 android mobile application to impart education in a better way. The institution is an institution governed by the Indian Education Act. This company's TNPSC Group 4 mobile android application is our company's official website Linked to the website in All personal information of our customers will be kept safe and confidential.

Registration of Consumer Information:

You can access our service through the Android mobile application TNPSC Group 4 or our official website You can enter your information using it and then register and avail of our service as an authorized consumer.

Consumer's Personal Information:

The main reason our company collects consumer information is to inform you about our company's new offers and new services and more. Information collected by our company from consumers: 1. Name of Consumer 2. Age (a) Date of birth 3. Contact no 4. Email address e 5. Name of town 6. Taluk 7. District 8. POSTAL CODE NO 9. Also your educational qualification and 10. Includes personal academic interests etc.

The above information may be used for transaction-related information, special offers, purchase of our company's products, and to fulfill personal queries about our company's products or services. We may use the information provided by you to resolve any disruptions or queries regarding the services received using our TNPSC Group 4 Android Mobile Application. We may receive more basic information from you in the future to better provide our service or to expand the services.

Information Collected Automatically by the Company's Software System:

When you install our company's Android application TNPSC Group 4 on your mobile phone, our Android application automatically collects your mobile phone type, unique code number, internet protocol address of your mobile device, and mobile operating system, according to its settings. All this information is collected after your consent. We use external financial transaction processing companies to pay you fees for using our company's products and services. These companies only aim to process your transactions safely and securely and do not store or use any personal information. use of the personal information of consumers p is only for the development of our company and to provide new services. preferences, suggestions, etc. to provide products and services based on your preferences in the future without interruption and faster, and to meet the expectations of consumers. We use your information to calculate and analyze the number of consumers using our company's authentication website and their usage. We use consumer information to categorize consumers based on their use of our company's products and services and to provide services tailored to them.

We use their information to measure the time they spend using our website or Android application to classify consumers according to their usage. We use the information of consumers to analyze their usage time and days and create special offers for them to motivate them. Under no circumstances may we use certain personal information to ensure the safety of each of our consumers to avoid unauthorized third-party interference between our company and consumers. Our company uses the personal information of consumers to create unique usernames and passwords for them. If a consumer of our company forgets or wants to renew their confidential username or password, we will use their information to assist them. It is our company's objective to inform consumers of new services or offers of our company using their email addresses. To protect our company's rights and to protect the rights of consumers, it may be necessary to disclose consumer information in response to fraud concerns or government requests.

Update of consumer information:

Periodic updating of the information of consumers already registered with our company is a necessary activity. customer's information, we will contact the customer's mobile phone number to verify their name, address, and email and confirm whether their address and email mobile number are permanent or temporary and register accordingly. Or if it is a new address then we will register accordingly. Secondly, we will approach the consumer and re-record the new information received from him to ensure the safety of the consumer and the company. Next, we will allow consumers to create a unique username and password based on their new information to ensure security against illegal access and theft of information by third parties.

Change in Company Statement:

Any company registered under the Indian Companies Act 1956 has to follow the laws and regulations of the Government of India. Based on that, our company may also change the company's report from time to time due to the change made by the Government of India under the Indian Companies Act 1956 or the newly enforced law and regulations or changes in the existing regulations. Consumers are also advised to follow these guidelines. We consider it our consumer's acceptance of the changes made.


Personal information provided or registered by consumers to become a registered consumer of our company's products or services on our official website or mobile android application such as name, date of birth, race language, religion, residential address, town, district and state, postal code, email address, mobile numbers, By registering to use, you permit us. All use, storage, deletion, aggregation, and disclosure of consumer information will be carried out only in India as per our Privacy Policy. the Company's consumer whether he is a business worker or resident outside India is recorded and stored under Indian privacy. Our Privacy Policy may violate if consumers of our company are registered under the Indian Telecommunication Companies Act (DNT) service known as (Do Not Disturb). any doubts please contact us at You can contact us at any time.