Terms and Conditions:

Our company policy requires you to be at least 18 years of age to receive our products or services. In such a case, they can get it with the permission of the client's parent or guardian considering the necessity of their need.

All information, including light and light, company material products, and services are copyrighted by our company. Our company's trademarks, service marks, business names, and business addresses are owned by the company.

our company's official website or TNPSC Group 4 Android mobile application should not be downloaded, uploaded to another website, copied, or printed without the permission of our company.

If our company's customers are registered customers, we may keep information about our company's business, videos, products, and services. But their full ownership rests with our company.

Our company's commercial information, activities, programs, registered consumer or customer information, products, and services created by our company are for commercial use only. for any profit purpose other than for their use by consumers, Unlawful use is a crime under Indian law.

Being an unregistered consumer of our company can only use our company services or products within a certain time limit. Beyond that, if found to be illegally registering or downloading any of our services or products through software, he will be held guilty under Indian law.

A registered or authorized customer of our company sells or uses to any third party for profit any information or light and optical recordings or printed books or other commercial documents obtained by him through our company, not only for his use but also for profit, such customer shall be guilty of an offense under the Indian Penal Code.

shall never be responsible for the fact that consumers can fully access our company service or products by using our company's authorized website or mobile android application according to the settings and according to our recommendations.

As many fake companies are using our company name to reach out to consumers, we ask that consumers identify our company's trademarks and agents and then obtain our company's products and services. Otherwise, our company shall not be liable for any loss incurred by the consumers.

Our company may establish a consumer or customer service center for that purpose. Our customers are advised to avoid fraud by fake agents by contacting the customer center through an authorized website or mobile software device.

No text message or e-mail will be sent to our consumers unless deemed necessary by our company. Consumers are advised to identify fake agents by contacting our customer service center if they receive such fake SMS or email.

shall be liable for the loss of the consumer as per the Indian Companies Act 1956 and the Consumer Protection and Rights Act based on the reasonable cause for any loss caused to the customer by the goods or services provided by our company.

A customer of our company shall make payment only through the internet connection prescribed by us while transacting with us to acquire our company's goods or services. Apart from that our company is not responsible for any monetary loss caused by a third-party internet connection.

Consumers can make payments by sending a one-time-use (unique ) password to the customer's registered mobile number to facilitate easy and secure transactions for our customers.

A customer of our company shall not share the username and password assigned to him with anyone.

Apart from online, our customers can also pay through the facilities provided by banks like draft or cheque. Candidates can get the details from our authorized website.