How to prepare GK Questions and easy way to check your knowledge:

In today's age, everyone from children to adults must know and memorize general knowledge questions as per their age. Because they ask questions related to general knowledge beyond the syllabus to test your reporting ability in all fields. Therefore, you must know the general knowledge related to all the fields. Studying and memorizing all the general knowledge questions is a bit of a tough task. So we have given a clear explanation of how you can memorize general knowledge questions very easily. You can test your general intelligence by following these steps and practice.

Top 1000+ GK questions with answers in English:

We have provided more than 1000 general knowledge questions with answers separately by topic. You can improve your general intelligence by choosing the subject topics you want to improve your general intelligence and practicing it over and over again. All topics related to general knowledge are given here with questions and answers. Online tests are given for all topics. So after you read each topic you can test your general knowledge by writing the online test yourself. You can re-read the topics that get low marks and write the exam. Some important general knowledge topics are given below.

Topic wise gk questions to test your knowledge:

By studying general knowledge questions topic-wise you can study all the topics easily. Also by studying topic, you can easily remember questions from all topics.

Top 100 gk questions with answers about the world:

Global knowledge includes all the details about the world we live in. World common knowledge includes all the things like the land area of this world, water area, total population, total number of countries, and total weight of the world. Generally, we all can easily learn world general knowledge. Because all worldly things are fixed and unchanging. So once we read it and remember it, we can recall it anytime.

Top 100 gk questions with answers about India:

India General Knowledge Quiz covers all important information related to India. It includes complete details related to rivers like the total number of rivers in India, where the rivers start and end, and names of rivers. Also includes the total number of states in India, how many union territories, its area, population, population density, number of literates, number of illiterates, number of voters, number of men, number of women, details related to arts, etc. Apart from that, it includes all the details related to hill rock like the total number of hills, location of hills, area of hills, and height of hills. Includes details related to arts such as traditional dances, plays, songs, poetry, etc.

Top 100 gk questions with answers about sports:

All information related to sports is included in the sports general knowledge section. Reading and memorizing general knowledge questions related to sports is a bit difficult. This is because the list of achievers and achievements keeps changing in every sport. However, the topics you need to focus on are how many recognized games there are in total and what the rules are for the respective games. The state games and national games of each country should be known and the names of the achievers in those games and the achievements should be kept clear. Cricket and football are the most popular sports in the world, so it is important to know about them thoroughly.

Top 100 gk questions with answers about politics:

Indian Political General Knowledge includes information related to the Constitution of India. All the events that have taken place since the constitution of India 50 years ago till today are included in the general knowledge section of the Constitution of India. In general, one should know what is the Constitution of India, what are the provisions of the Constitution, and how many recognized political parties there are in total. How many years elections are held, Lok Sabha elections, Rajya Sabha elections, Parliamentary elections, total constituencies for each election, how many constituencies must be won to win, etc. It should be known how many elections have been held so far, who won those elections, and how many votes they won. Also, the details of how many times the same party has been in power continuously should be collected and studied. All these fall under the domain of political common sense.

Subject-wise Gk questions with answers in English:

Most of the time all competitive exams ask general knowledge questions from textbooks. It is essential to study and memorize all subject-related general knowledge questions. All subjects like Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Botany, Zoology, Mathematics, and Electronics have general knowledge questions. We have divided the general knowledge questions in each subject topic separately.

Top 100 Science Gk questions with answers:

All the important information in science subjects is covered under science general knowledge questions. For example, names of recent scientific discoveries, inventors, elements, and compounds are also included under general knowledge questions. Names of elements and compounds and their symbols are mainly asked in general knowledge questions. Science is mostly static when it comes to general knowledge questions. So it will be very easy to read and remember. Names of new modern machines invented scientifically and their uses are important in general knowledge.

Top 100 History GK questions with answers:

History is said to be general knowledge when it includes information related to the subject of history. History is known as general knowledge which includes information about the wars fought in earlier days, victorious kings, defeated kings, conquered countries, abandoned countries, etc. One of the most difficult aspects of history is remembering the years. A year should be remembered for each event. For example, if a war has occurred, three years should be remembered for an event: the year the war started, the total years of the war, and the year the war ended. But don't worry we have explained how to remember years easily.

Top 100 geography gk questions with answers:

Geographical knowledge includes all the information related to the topography of the world. Geographical headings include world topography, water surface, soil types, water character, mountains, seas, rivers, lakes, and ponds. If soil types are taken, they can be divided into silt soil, silt soil, and loam soil. If we take rivers, it means the nature of the land it flows through, the total distance, the nature of the water, the direction from which it flows, everything. If we take mountains, it means the total number of mountains, height, width of mountains, elements available in them, herbs, amount of water, location, etc. Geography General Knowledge Quiz is very easy to study. Because each will be a separate topics. So it is very easy to remember.

Top 100 current affairs gk questions with answers:

General knowledge questions on current affairs are one of compulsory questions in all competitive exams. A maximum of five to ten current affairs general knowledge questions will be asked in an exam. Current Affairs General Knowledge covers all subjects. For example, sports, politics, art, literature, and struggles are included in everything that happens in the world. What we need to study with particular attention is the changes in government, acceptance of positions, sports competitions, successes and failures. Sports competitions alone can be divided into four categories namely district-level sports competitions, state-level sports competitions, and national-level sports competitions. There are three categories of prizes awarded in each competition namely gold, bronze, and silver. Gold winners are announced as first prize, bronze winners as second prize, and silver winners as third prize.

Take our ultimate gk questions quiz exams:

If you want to score high in the general knowledge exam, you should not only read general knowledge questions again and again but also write more online tests. You will get a chance to remember the correct answers to the questions only when you write more tests. General Knowledge Tests are conducted free of charge on our website. Once you finish writing the exam, your written exam marks will be displayed on the screen. With that, you can know your current status. Very low marks can be obtained in most cases by studying very hard. If you get more marks you can focus less on general knowledge questions and focus more on other subjects.

100+ Combined gk questions with answers:

Our website has more than 100 general knowledge questions with answers. Questions from all topics are mixed. Because when general knowledge questions are asked in competitive exams they don't only ask questions under a particular topic. So keeping that in mind, we have selected the most important questions from all the topics and then put them all together in one package. When you are preparing for a competitive exam you don't have time to read questions under all the topics and if you consider today just by practicing questions from this one set you can score more than 80% marks. But if you have enough time to practice for the exam you should study all general knowledge questions with answers. Because only then you can get full marks in general knowledge.

Easy way to understand GK questions with beginners:

If you are just studying General Knowledge for the first time then this section is for you. Here are some tips from experienced teachers to help you remember general knowledge questions easily. Using it you can read the questions easily. First while reading a general knowledge question you should see if the question is related to any other question. If there is a correlation, one question should be read concerning another question. For example, when you read the answer to the question of what year was the battle of Panipat, you should not only read the year it happened, but also read where it happened, who happened between whom, who won the war, who lost, and what year the war ended. By studying like this you can easily remember general knowledge questions.

Important gk questions need to know:

Some of the important questions in general knowledge questions are repeated in all the exams. Such frequently asked questions should be read with some importance. As it is a bit difficult for you to search and read all the important questions in all the exam papers, we have sorted all the question papers for you and we have separated only the important questions separately and given them here topic-wise. A general knowledge question is considered important if it has been asked in at least three and a maximum of more than three exams. You should have at least the last 10 years' exam papers so that you can study the important questions separately. But not everyone will have 10 years of question papers so we have compiled important questions.

GK questions PDF Files Download:

You can study general knowledge questions on the website with an internet facility. However, not everyone has time to sit at the computer and study for 24 hours a day. So pdf files are created for them. All the questions you read on the website are given in the form of separate pdf files topic-wise. You can download and read your required general knowledge pdf files. Or you can print it and keep it as a book and read it whenever you have time. And if you want to share general knowledge-related details with your friends, you can share them as PDF files. We have uploaded more than 100 pdf files on our website. We have compiled some pdf files for your perusal in the table below.

Challenging GK questions for all Competitive exams:

Some of the general knowledge questions will confuse you. Answering those questions can be very challenging. That means there are two or three answers to the same question. Writing an answer to such a question is a very challenging task. Perhaps if there are two answers to a question, we should look at which event took place and write that as our answer. Next, to confuse us, both the answers are the same. For questions like that you have to choose only the answers you read in the book. Because tomorrow when we ask for the marks for that question they will ask if you have any evidence. Then you should be ready to give away the book. Just keep one thing in mind the book you are going to give as a reference should be a book approved by the book industry. The examination department will not accept it if you bring books available in normal stores as proof.


By reading this article, you have come to know in detail what general knowledge questions are and how to read and remember them. Also, you have learned how to identify and study important questions in general knowledge and how to answer difficult general knowledge questions easily. We hope you will study without any fear or anxiety regarding reading general knowledge questions from now on. Also if you have any queries regarding general knowledge questions please email Our expert team is ready round the clock to solve your queries.

FAQ about

1.General Knowledge questions will be asked under which topics?

There are no separate topics for general knowledge questions. Questions under all topics will be treated as general knowledge questions.

2.Can I download general knowledge questions in PDF format?

Yes, for your convenience we have compiled general knowledge questions under all topics in pdf format below. You can download the required files.

3.Are there any ways to study general knowledge questions easily?

Yes, qualified teachers have given some tips to help you study and remember general knowledge questions easily. Using those methods you can study general knowledge questions easily.

4.Which book is best for reading general knowledge questions?

There are no best books for studying general knowledge questions. Read all the questions in the book. But for your convenience, we have compiled all the questions from the book and given them here in one place.

5.In which exams will general knowledge questions be asked?

General knowledge questions are compulsory in all competitive exams conducted in the world. Your job will be determined based on how many marks you score in the general knowledge test.

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